How To Get Overkill In MW3

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Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer features many of the familiar mechanics you would expect including Overkill. So players are interested to know how to get Overkill in MW3.

With over 100 weapons in multiplayer, players wish to take advantage of the opportunity to make the most of their loadouts by applying the Overkill perk.

Here’s how you can get this staple perk and equip two primary weapons to your loadout.

How To Get Overkill In MW3

In Call of Duty, Overkill allows a player to equip two primary weapons to their loadout.

In order to get Overkill in Modern Warfare, players can unlock it in two ways.

The first is by unlocking the Gunner vest at level 20 in multiplayer.

With the Gunner vest, you carry two primary weapons, deploy with max ammo, and your reload speed becomes faster.

The Gunner vest also allows you to carry one tactical, one lethal, one field upgrade, one pair of gloves, and one piece of gear. If you want to run the Overkill perk and a pair of boots, you must unlock the Overkill vest.

The second is with the Overkill vest, unlocked at level 50 in multiplayer.

The Overkill vest offers more variety than the Gunner vest as you can run two primary weapons, two secondary weapons, or one of each, making it perfect to swap about quickly for different modes.

The Overkill vest also allows you to carry one tactical, one lethal, one pair of gloves, one pair of boots, and one piece of gear. It’s important to note that you can’t carry field equipment with the Overkill vest.

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