How To Catch Shiny Axew In Pokemon GO

Another Community Day is coming up in Pokemon GO and June features Axew.

One of the best parts about Community Days is the increased chance of catching a shiny Pokemon!

So how can trainers catch Shiny Axew in Pokemon GO? Here’s how!

How To Get Shiny Axew In Pokemon GO

Shiny Axew is a rare Pokemon to come by and will rarely pop up in normal encounters.

During a community day, which runs once a month from 2PM-5PM local time, players have an increased chance of finding shinies.

When the Axew Community Day is active, the chances of encountering a shiny are 1/25.

There isn’t any special technique or trick to increase those odds other than trying to encounter as many Pokemon as you can.

So head to a busy area in your community and click on as many Axews as possible; it won’t be long before you find one.

If you’re unlucky in finding one, baby Pokemon have a 1/50 chance of hatching from eggs as shiny. Axew has a 4.7% chance of hatching from 10km eggs.

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