How To Get Captain Torbjorn In Overwatch 2

New skins are the best part of a new season and Season 6 of Overwatch 2 is no different. One of the key skins this season is Captain Torbjorn.

This skin is available to unlock this season thanks to watching Twitch.

Here’s how to unlock Captain Torbjorn in Overwatch 2.

How To Get Captain Torbjorn In Overwatch 2

Captain Torbjorn features the DPS hero in a Sea Captain outfit.

In order to unlock this skin, you’ll need to spend some time watching Twitch.

You’ll first need to link your Overwatch 2/Blizzard account with your Twitch account.

Next, watch the Overwatch 2 stream any time until August 24th for a set amount of time.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get for the time you watch the stream:

  • 2 Hours: Coastal Namecard
  • 5 Hours: Torbjorn Battleship Voice Line
  • 9 Hours: Captain Torbjorn Legendary Skin

Once done, you’ll unlock this skin permanently.

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