How To Evolve Inkay Into Malamar In Pokemon GO

Inkay is best known for his cameos with Team Rocket during the XY Kalos series.

But if you’re wanting to evolve the lovable squid Pokemon into its more threatening evolution Malamar, you may be unsure how to do it.

So here’s our quick and easy guide to evolving Inkay into Malamar in Pokemon GO.

How To Evolve Inkay Into Malamar In Pokemon GO

Inkay is able to evolve into Malamar at 50 Rare Candies, but you may notice another requirement to initiate the evolution.

Much like a number of Pokemon in GO, you’ll need to fulfil another criterion to evolve Inkay.

When looking at Inkay in your inventory, you may notice a ‘?’ next to the ‘Evolve’ requirements.


This one is as simple as flipping your phone upside down – that’s right, just flip your phone upside down and you should be able to evolve it!

The simple act tells your phone’s gyroscope feature that it is upside down and will inform the game it is upside down and meets the requirement to evolve it.

A strange way to do it right? This act was used to evolve Inkay into Malamar during the Nintendo 3DS era (Pokemon X and Y). Players would need to flip their 3DS upside down to get Malamar.

In 2021, Niantic updated the game to allow those who didn’t have a Gyroscope feature on their phone to evolve Inkay without turning it upside down; they simply need to get 50 candies.





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