How To Catch Sandygast In Pokemon GO And How To Evolve It Into Palossand

Season 11 ‘Hidden Gems’ is featuring its Water Festival: Beach Week in Pokemon GO. This sees the debut of the Ghost-Ground-type Sandgast, introduced in Generation 7. It also means its evolved form, Palossand, enters the mix. So how can you get Sandygast and how do you evolve it into Palossand?

How To Get Sandygast In Pokemon GO

Sandygast encounters are currently only available in one-star raids or completing field research tasks. When you finish a raid, you have the chance to catch Sandygast at the end. With Sandygast being a Ghost-Ground-type, you’ll want to use Pokemon that know strong Dark, Ghost, Ice, Grass or Water moves. As it’s a one-star raid, this shouldn’t be too difficult to defeat on your own.

How To Evolve Sandygast Into Palossand In Pokemon GO

Sandygast can be evolved into Palossand once you have gathered 50 Sandygast candies. So we recommend using Pinap Berries whenever you encounter one to ensure it doesn’t take too long, as the encounters are not very common. Once you have 50, open up your Pokemon storage, locate Sandygast, click on it and press the evolve button!  

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