Halo Infinite Season 4 Patch Notes: Release Date, Leaks, Hazmat Armor Core, Roadmap, Content, Maps, Infection, Career Rank Changes And Everything You Need To Know

Halo Infinite is approaching its fourth season and with it, a healthy number of changes are coming too.

The fan favourite Infection is returning and Career Ranks will also be coming into effect.

Here’s everything we know about Halo Infinite Season 4.

Release Date

The new season of Halo Infinite, Season 4, will launch on the 20th June.

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New Content And Patch Notes

Season 4 of Halo Infinite will feature:

  • Career Rank
  • Forest Map
  • New BTB Map
  • New Equipment (Threat Seeker, Quantum Translocator)
  • Hazmat Armor Core
  • New Weapon Models
  • Infection
  • Qunatum Translocator added
  • Threat Seeker added

Patch Notes

  • Threat Sensor:  
    • Ping Frequency: 2.8 > 1.8 seconds
    • Sensor Radius: 3.1wu -> 4.25wu
    • Sensor Duration: 6.5 -> 15 seconds
    • Reveal Duration (how long a target stays revealed): 2.5 -> 0.75 seconds
  • Legacy Zoom Toggle Added
    • Players that are 10x scoped in (double-zoomed) on their S7 Sniper can exit their scope by switching weapons, return to their S7 Sniper, and then zoom in with the rifle back at 5x (single-zoomed) rather than having it default back to 10x

Quantum Translocator

Once secured, the first button press activates the Quantum Translocator and creates a slip space thread at that location.

After repositioning around the map, the second use of the QT will teleport the player back to that original thread location.

However, upon teleporting, a new thread is created at the location the player just teleported from and the thread they just teleported to (the original thread) will disappear.

Threat Seeker

It’s different from the Threat Sensor in that it only sends out one pulse, requires the opponents to be within its line-of-sight (meaning it will not reveal enemies around corners or through walls), and the equipment’s projectile can bounce in order to reward accuracy by allowing for unique and clever shots.

If an opponent is within its radius and direct line of sight when it pulses, it will be revealed for the same duration as a player’s shield recharge timer.

Battle Pass

  • 100-tier reward track (including 1000 Credits).
  • Bonus Match XP throughout Season 4.
  • Fourth Challenge slot (while the Battle Pass is active).
  • Instantly unlock the Premium Battle Pass-exclusive FLASHBLIND Weapon Model for the MA40 Assault Rifle.
  • Instantly unlock the Premium Battle Pass-exclusive Genesis Bloom armor coating for all Armor Cores.


Infection is returning with Season 4. Here are some key details:

  • 1 single Alpha infected
  • Infected get Quantum Translocator equipment
  • Survivors get Bulldogs & Commandos
  • Randomized Weapons spawn on dead Spartans around the map
  • 9 maps at launch, reworked dev maps

Career Rank Changes

To make progress through these new ranks, all you have to do is play.

Career Rank will likely feel most like MCC’s progression system. “Tiers” such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. are the largest bucket, which are all broken into smaller military-style “Ranks” such as Cadet or General. Then, within each of those Ranks, you will move in three smaller increments called “Grades.”

Career Rank progress flows from Cadet to General within each tier.

A few of the notable places where you can see your accomplishments:

  • During the match intro. When the camera pans to a Spartan, you will now see a banner that displays their Career Rank.
  • Every individual player’s Profile will include their Career Rank. 
  • Inspecting a player in the Post-Game Carnage Report (PGCR). 
  • In general, in most places where you see a player’s full nameplate, a banner with their Career Rank will also be displayed.


343’s official Forge remake of the Halo 5 map “Plaza” is targeted to release in early Season 4.

There’s another map that is due to arrive in Halo Season 4, with the temporary name ‘Forest’.

Hazmat Armor Core

Halo Infinite image of the HAZMAT Armor Core


Returning rotationals:

  • Ranked Doubles
  • Ranked Snipers
  • Ranked Tactical Slayer (SWAT)

Retired Rotationals:

  • Ranked FFA
  • Ranked Survivors
  • Ranked Lone Wolves
  • Ranked Elimination


  • Forest (New Map for Season 4)
  • Aquarius
  • Argyle
  • Bazaar
  • Behemoth
  • Detachment
  • Empyrean
  • Live Fire
  • Recharge
  • Streets
  • Starboard
  • Catalyst
  • Cliffhanger

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