How Much Is GTA 6 Going To Cost? PS5, Xbox Series X And PC Prices

GTA 6 is hot on the lips of fans lately, as more and more information starts to trickle into the world and the hype begins to elevate.

For many, gaming can be a pricey hobby and one they can’t always afford to indulge in; especially with the rising cost of living.

So many fans will want to know how much a copy of the game will cost when it launches on their respective platform.

So how much will GTA 6 cost on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC?

What Is The Price Of GTA 6?

The cost of a AAA title on the PS5 and Xbox Series X costs anywhere between £64.99 and £69.99.

So it would be a fair prediction to say that GTA 6 will set players back almost £70 (which is around $85).

As for PC, we can expect a similar price tag, although PC games sometimes end up being marked at a lower price as PC game sales are almost exclusively digital.

This doesn’t include special editions of the game, that could push the game up to £100 and beyond.

GTA 5 was originally released (back in 2013) with three editions: Standard (US$60/£40/€60), Special (US$80/£60/€80) and Collector’s Edition (US$150/£120/€130).

So if you’re wondering how much you will need for GTA 6, or one of the special editions, you should start saving now!


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