How To Get Rid Of Frustration In Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO’s recent shadow raids event has left players with a number of shadow Pokemon at their disposal.

Potentially strong Pokemon are being held back by the Charged Attack ‘Frustration’.

As a result, many players want to get rid of Frustration in exchange for something else

But how can this be done? Here’s how to get rid of Frustration in Pokemon GO.

How To Get Rid Of Frustration In Pokemon GO

Getting rid of Frustration is actually really easy, but there is a catch (more on that in a bit).

To get rid of Frustration, you need to teach it a new Charged Attack move.

Open up your Pokemon and locate the Pokemon you want to forget Frustration.

Click the button with three lines in the bottom-right corner and click items.

Next, go to your Charged TMs (or Elite Charged TM) and click it. Press ‘Yes’ when prompted and ‘Yes’ on the next screen as well.

Unfortunately, if you’ve not done this in the right window, you may encounter a ‘Frustration cannot be forgotten at this time.’

Frustrating times

This is because this can only be done at certain times during certain events such as the Luminous Legends Y event last year.

There is a workaround for this, outside of the event window, which involves you purifying your Pokemon. Once the Pokemon is purified you will be able to 

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