Fortnite x Lego Collaboration: Release Date, Rewards, Skins, Modes, Weapons, Battle Pass And Everything You Need To Know

Two of the world’s biggest brands, Lego and Fortnite, are coming together to do an in-game collaboration.

Fortnite is no stranger to collaborations, they regularly participate in branded collaborations, such as the recent Nike Air collaboration.

What’s exciting about this one, is the content and length of this collaboration.

According to a leaked internal Epic Games email from March, Epic’s main priorities right now are a few big projects including this collaboration.

Here’s everything we know about the Fortnite x Lego Collaboration.

Release Date

The Fortnite x Lego collab starts on the 6th of November 2023.

Supposedly, this collaboration will last for an entire month.

What’s Included?

It’ll have a custom Battle Bus, Custom Items, one set of quests every week (4 Total) and much more according to @HYPEX.

This project promises to bring real-life LEGO creations into Fortnite VIA the Unreal Engine.

There are some comments mentioned at the recent event about LEGO characters in Fortnite, maybe as cosmetics, maybe as NPCs, maybe a LTM, maybe just a creative map, but somehow having characters from LEGO in the game.


Fortnite & Lego are working on a unique mode in Fortnite with Lego NPCs/Bosses, Custom UI, Lego Models/World & and something called “Adventures”

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