Fortnite Week 3 Quests For Chapter 4 Season 3: Release Date, Challenges And How To Complete Them

Weekly Quests are added to Fortnite to ensure players can make their way through the Battle Pass and complete it before the end of the season.

These are usually very easy tasks that give you lots of XP for little time investment; so they’re worth doing if you have the time.

Here are the week 3 quests for Chapter 4 Season 3 in Fortnite.

Release Date

The next set of weekly quests in Fortnite will launch on the 22nd of June 2023.

Week 3 Quests

  • Travel distance while sliding covered in mud
    • Head to a muddy area such as north of Kapok Cave, jump around in the mud and then use the knee slide mechanic
  • Damage opponents with assault rifles
    • Find an Assault Rifle and deal damage to opponents. This is easiest in Team Rumble.
  • Talk to Characters
    • Find NPCs, the easiest is Remedy in Frenzy Fields or Triage Trooper in Slappy Shores
  • Get headshots against opponents
    • Aim for the heads of opponents. This is easiest in Team Rumble.
  • Reveal enemy players or Characters
    • Grab a Flare Gun and fire it in the vicinity of other players or characters. This is easiest in Team Rumble.
  • Open vaults using Vault Keycards

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