Fortnite Update Patch Notes Today (21st November)

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Fortnite’s Chapter 4 Season 5 is receiving regular updates so if you’re looking for the Fortnite Update Patch Notes Today, you’ve come to the right place.

This most recent update is the last update for Fortnite OG before we enter a new Chapter; just in time for Christmas!

Here’s the latest patch notes for Epic Games popular Battle Royale game.

Fortnite Update Patch Notes Today (21st November)

Release Date

  • 21st November at 4AM ET

Update Size

  • PS4 – 5.462 GB
  • PS5 – 5.837 GB
  • Xbox Series X – 4.8 GB
  • Xbox One – 4,02 GB
  • PC – 4.29 GB
  • Switch – 4.8 GB
  • Mobile – 1.56 GB


The “Marshall Magma” variant is a limited time exclusive. Attend The Big Bang on December 2nd, and unlock the exclusive MARSHALL MAGMA style for MARSHALL NEVER MORE.

Eminem x Fortnite cosmetics:

  • Shady Boom Box Backbling (Reactive to Music)
  • Shady Double Saw Pickaxe (Reactive to hitting weak points)

New NPCs

Shop Bundles



  • LEGO gamemode
  • Rocket League racing gamemode
  • Fortnite Festival gamemode
  • Jonesy NPC codenamed “Underground Rebel”

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