Fallout 76 ‘Once In A Blue Moon’ Update Patch Notes: Release Date, Rewards, Road Map And Everything You Need To Know About Patch 44

Fallout 76 is preparing for its new update ‘Once in a Blue Moon‘ during its ‘Shoot for the Stars’ Season 13.

Get ready for new quests, new cryptids, new rewards, Daily Ops additions and more!

Here’s what we know so far About Fallout 76’s ‘Once In A Blue Moon’ update.

Release Date

This update will land on Tuesday, June 20 at 9 am ET.


Season 13 Community Calendar And Road Map


  • PC (Steam):
  • PC (Microsoft Store):
  • PlayStation: 1.78
  • Xbox:

Check the download sizes below for today’s patch on your platform of choice:

  • PC (Steam): 12.4 GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 23.8 GB
  • PlayStation: 23.2 GB
  • Xbox: 23.8 GB

Patch Notes And New Content


The Blue Ridge Caravan is back and needs your help with its expanding business! Our Once in a Blue Moon update introduces two new Cryptids, Public Events, Side Quests, Rewards, a Daily Ops Mutation, and more.


Vinny Costa, head of operations for the Blue Ridge Caravan Company is impatient with the members of the caravan, believing they’re not pulling their own weight and contributing enough. Work with the caravan members to get them back up to speed and earn some sweet Blue Ridge Caravan-themed items as a reward!


After a trade deal goes wrong, Luca Costa finds himself in need of some help. A group of local Cultists has stolen his Brahmin and cargo of makeshift explosives. His Uncle Vinny will not be happy if he catches wind of it. The problem is, he’s too injured to get his supplies himself!

Guided by Luca through a two-way radio, you’ll need to infiltrate the Cultist’s den, lay down explosives, and reclaim his pack Brahmin! Be extra careful not to disturb the local wildlife, however, as Cultists have recently noticed strange rumblings in the woods nearby.


Blue Ridge has renovated the Middle Mountain Cabins to be their latest and greatest Brahmin pitstop, but they just can’t seem to keep the local critters at bay. The Repeller Speaker system they use to repel the creatures and keep their Brahmin safe has been damaged. To retake the pitstop and create a safe haven for their Brahmin to rest, they will need your help! Clear out the creatures, defend the Repeller, and the Blue Ridge Caravan will reward you handsomely for your assistance!


Resident grouch and taskmaster, Vinny Costa, hasn’t been happy with the performance of his employees lately, and he’d be happy to throw some caps at anyone willing to solve the problem. Players can learn all about what has the caravanners’ boots stuck in the mud, and collect some unique rewards along the way, in this series of one-off Daily Quests. Unlike other Dailies, players will only be able to complete this series of 7 quests once, but each has a unique Blue Ridge-themed reward, ranging from C.A.M.P. items to outfits.


Longtime players that have completed content from all over 76’s history may find a special side quest waiting for them after completing all of the Costa Business quests…


Cryptozoologists rejoice! Our two new Public Events introduce The Blue Devil and Ogua, two Cryptids based in real West Virginian folk lore.


Based on the real-life West Virginian Cryptid, this massive dog-like creature will test your wits! Its terrifying howl will send your character into a panicked mad dash for the Vault!


Also known in real life as the Monongahela River Monster, this reclusive creature will retreat into its shell to shield itself from incoming damage, be sure to time your attacks carefully!


Braving battle against these new Cryptids and Public Events is not without reward! Complete these events to collect a host of new items, from Cryptid plushies to outfits, C.A.M.P. items, weapon skins, and more!

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