EA Sports FC 24: Silver Upgrade SBC Cheapest And Best Solutions For Xbox, PlayStation And PC, All Rewards And Is It Worth It?

ea sports fc 24 silverupgrade sbc solution

EA Sports FC 24 is underway and as is tradition, they have released a number of SBCs to kick start the game’s life span including the EA Sports FC 24 Silver Upgrade SBC.

As players aim to complete their Ultimate Team, full of FUT Heroes and FUT Icons, completing SBCs will provide plenty of rewards to help you make coins.

However, saving coins wherever you can is the first step to creating your Ultimate Team, especially in the early days, so finding the Cheapest Solution is essential.

Here’s how to complete the Silver Upgrade SBC for as cheap as possible.

Silver Upgrade SBC Dates

The Silver Upgrade SBC went live on the 20th of September 2023 and has no end date; it will be available for the entire lifespan of the game.

Silver Upgrade Requirements

Here are the requirements for the Silver Upgrade SBC:

  • TBC

EA Sports FC 24 Silver Upgrade SBC Rewards

Here are the rewards you’ll receive for completing the Silver Upgrade SBC:

  • 1 x Untradable Gold Pack

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EA Sports FC 24 Silver Upgrade Cheapest Solutions

Final Price:

  • Xbox – TBC
  • PlayStation – TBC
  • PC – TBC

Best/Cheapest Solution:

  • TBC

These solutions are constantly changing as the market changes and player prices fluctuate, so this solution may not be as cheap or accurate at the time of reading.

You can see the most current market prices and solutions here.

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Is It Worth It?

Yes, this is a vital SBC to complete to aid you in completing the other starting SBCs.

If you can complete this SBC, it will help you to complete the next SBC, which is the Gold Upgrade SBC.

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