EA Sports FC 24 Web App: How To Make Coins

EA Sports FC 24 has arrived and players are looking to optimise their time and efforts to get the Ultimate Team, so many are looking to the EA Sports FC 24 Web App and how to make coins.

It’s particularly helpful if you’re looking to buy big and expensive cards such as  FUT Heroes and FUT Icons.

Here’s how to make coins on the EA Sports FC 24 Web App.

How To Make Coins In The EA Sports FC 24 Web App

If making coins is something you want to accelerate in EA Sports FC 24 before you jump into the full game, the Web App is a great starting point to do so.

Web App Daily Login Bonus

In previous FIFA games, players received a small bonus each day for logging into the Web App.

This ranged from packs to coins, so it’s worth logging in each day to see what you’ve been given!

Complete SBCs

There are a number of SBCs in the game that are available early on to get players started in EA Sports FC 24.

Before you decide to start buying players for your squad, you’d be wise to complete as many of these as possible as they come with great rewards including packs and coins.

Use the players in your packs to complete further more difficult SBCs that will result in better rewards. You may struggle to complete them all on the App without playing games, but if you can complete as many as you can you’ll always get more back than you put on these.

Hold On To Valuable Players

Almost all players see a spike in value once the full-game launches and players start to generate coins from opening packs with their FIFA points.

So if you pack any high-rated players (83 rated+), any meta players (e.g. 90+ pace) or big-name players (Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar), hold on to them.

It’s also a good idea to not sell a lot of your players early on because you won’t get the best price for them and only sell what you need to complete SBCs or to build your starter team.

Invest In Evolutions Players

Some Evolutions will have specific requirements for players, meaning they’ll be great players to purchase in the early stages of the game, so they’ll see a natural rise in price.

Investing in players such as Timo Werner and Ansu Fati are great examples of players who will be good players and will continue to grow as the game progresses.

Bronze Pack Method

The Bronze Pack method is a great way to make coins, but can also be a little bit frustrating.

The cheapest pack you can buy in EA Sports FC 24 is the Bronze base pack, which usually costs 400 coins and gives you 12 items of varying types.

All you need to do is to sell three items on a ‘Buy Now’ for a minimum of 200 coins to make a profit.

This is particularly effective at the start of the game, where players are completing SBCs, you’ll tend to get a lot more sale conversions on some of these worse cards.

It’s also a nice way to complete some SBCs as you’ll get lots of cards for cheap and receive a loyalty bonus for the packed cards.

Load Up On FIFA Points On FIFA 23

In the past, FIFA points have carried over to the next game if you had points on your account.

If you add FIFA points to your account on FIFA 23, these should be available to you on EA Sports FC 24.

It’s not been confirmed whether you can buy packs with points from the day the Web App launches.

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