EA FC 24 Ultimate Team: How To Change Player Positions

how to change player positions ea fc 24 ultimate team

EA Sports FC 24‘s Ultimate Team allows more freedom than ever when it comes to player positions, but you may be wondering how to change player positions in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

As you buy players, such as FUT Heroes and FUT Icons, you may want to play them in a different position from where they traditionally play to help the balance of your team or even just to fit them in.

With the chemistry system and squad building format changing to remove links, players no longer need to worry about who surrounds each player but rather who is in the squad.

That still leaves players with a confusion around how to change their position, should they want them to move to a different area of the pitch.

Here’s how to change player positions in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

How To Change Player Positions In EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

EA Sports FC 24 have changed the chemistry and squad-building system to allow more flexibility, instead of being shackled by chemistry links.

Traditionally, players could get around these crutches by using player position-modifying consumables to turn central-defensive midfielders into Strikers to help their chemistry and fit them in their squad.

In EA FC 24’s Ultimate Team, they’ve removed these player position modifiers to remove the need for this.

While it sounds very helpful and flexible, players are now only able to change positions if they are naturally able to play here.

Each player has a primary position, which is featured on the front of their card, as well as a secondary position.

Some players can have up to four different positions, while some only have one.

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To see a player’s alternative positions, hover over a FUT card and flick the right thumbstick to the right once.

how to change player positions ea fc 24 ultimate team

This will show all of their other positions. Most relate to a player’s natural position, such as a right-back playing right-wing back or even right-midfield.

Sometimes you can find a centre-back who can also play as a centre-forward.

Once you’ve found the player you want to move into a different position, simply select them and move them to that position and the front of the card will display a new position.


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