Detective Pikachu Returns: Release Date, UK Pre-Order TCG Bonus, Gameplay, Characters, Box Art, Price, Trailer And Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon’s mascot, Pikachu, is making another appearance as everyone’s favourite detective in Detective Pikachu Returns.

Detective Pikachu Returns is the sequel to the 3DS game that launched back in 2016.

Once again, Tim and Pikachu are on another crime-solving adventure for the Nintendo Switch.

So what are the details of this new game? Here’s what we know about Detective Pikachu Returns!

Detective Pikachu Returns Release Date

The game will release on the 6th of October 2023 on Nintendo Switch.

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What Is Detective Pikachu Returns About?

Tim and Pikachu work together to solve a series of mysterious incidents that are occurring in Ryme City, a place where humans and Pokemon live side by side.

While no specific details have been revealed about the game’s story, during the trailer the duo are touted as the perfect duo to solve the City’s mysteries; with a special appearance from Mewtwo!


Once again, Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu will appear in the game as they search for Tim’s Dad, Harry.

Other characters aren’t yet specified, but there’s a host of Pokemon presented in the trailer, screenshots and key art.

We do know that Tim and Pikachu will utilise Growlithe’s sniffing ability, Galarian Darmanitan’s pulverizing punch, 

Box Art

The placeholder box art for the game looks as below.

Detective Pikachu Returns Box Art

However, the box art should look like this, as seen in the latest trailer:


Here are some great places to pre-order the game:

If you pre-order the game in Japan, you’ll get a special Detective Pikachu TCG card.

It’s unknown if there are any special pre-order bonuses for the game in the UK at this time and no confirmation if this card will arrive in English.

The TCG seems to get even more love with the highly anticipated Scarlet and Violet 151 set.

Detective Pikachu Returns Pre-Order Bonus In Japan

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