Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Logo Leaked (And Confirmed) On Monster Energy Packaging

The 2023 release of Modern Warfare 3 is something everyone is talking about at the moment, particularly as its releasing just a year after the new MW2.

A talking point is certainly the logo and while it can’t be too dissimilar to past logos, it’s still something of interest.

A leak recently surfaced of the new MW3 logo on an Energy Drink packaging.

So what does the new logo look like?

MW3 Logo Leaked

The Logo leaked recently on Monster Energy packaging for the future game.

The new logo is very similar to the old logos, particularly with the text, now with three lines and a red colour scheme.

Captain Price, once again, features as the face of the new game.

This has even been confirmed by the official Call of Duty Twitter page.

This isn’t the first time MW3 has been leaked and has been confirmed by the official Twitter page of Call of Duty.

They also recently confirmed that content would carry over from MW2.

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