Actor Leaks The Setting For Call of Duty 2024

An actor has leaked that he will be starring in 2024’s Call of Duty game and has given away some vital information.

The 2024 title, yet to be confirmed or named, will be assumed to be coming out of Treyarch’s camp.

Treyarch has been known for focusing on more historical time periods in their Call of Duty games, while their counterparts focus on more Modern times.

Most famously known for its Black Ops series, the franchise has seen five games fall under the title. Interestingly, not all of them are set in the same timeline but tend to exist in the same universe.

So what will the next game be and where will it be set?

What Is The Setting Of Call of Duty 2024?

Luke Charles Stafford posted on Instagram the following:

“Activision decided to adapt their next main character, “Ratcliffe” for CALL OF DUTY off of my face/likeness, and I am elated.”

For those unaware, Major Peter Ratcliffe was a former British army soldier who was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for gallantry in action during the Gulf War.

Following his time in the military, Ratcliffe published a memoir of his time during the conflict titled Eye of the Storm.

It comes after concept art appeared online last year, which has now been deleted, of an F-117 jet fighter, a stealth attack aircraft which was widely used during the conflict.

So it’s looking very likely the next title from Treyarch will be a Black Ops game, hinted at in the rest of Stafford’s post:

“To all of my college roommates back at @andersonuniversity and those years in @smithhallau playing Black Ops II… Next year, we can beat the snot out of each other again, but I want to play as me.”

So it looks like the next game will be set in the Gulf War or have a section of the game based around this war; as the war lasted less than a year, from August 1990 to January 1991.

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