Which Ship Has The Most Cargo Space In Starfield? (Biggest Cargo Ship In Starfield)

starfield biggest cargo ship

Starfield allows players to buy ship parts to customise it the way they want, but there are some ships that are simply better than the rest – so which ship has the most cargo space in Starfield?

Starfield has a number of exciting ships ranging in size, shape and features.

With everyone having their own preferences on what makes a good ship, you may be wondering which can carry the most cargo.

Here’s the ship with the biggest cargo space.

Which Ship Has The Most Cargo Space In Starfield?

There are a number of ships with large Cargo spaces, but the one with the biggest space is the Silent Runner.

The Silent Runner has a Cargo Capacity of 6080! Not to mention it can also carry 5 crew members.

The Renegade III could also be considered the king of transportation in this regard.

It has one of the highest amounts of cargo space available on a spaceship with 4,367; it can also hold one more crew member.

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Boasting a bulkier, tankier frame the Silent Runner has a huge amount of cargo space for storing contraband.

It’s fairly strong too, having a 975 shield and 1164 Hull.

If you want something more practical and better rounded, the Renegade III is a better shout.

It almost rivals the Vista for the strongest ship in Starfield, only marginally losing out.

It has 2104 shields (56 less than the Vista) and 1400 Hull (64 more than the Vista).

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The Silent Runner is cheaper than the Renegade III. The Silent Runner will set you back 390,150 credits.

The Renegade, however, is sold in Neon for 450,000 Credits; it’s one of the most expensive ships you can buy.

This doesn’t include mods and upgrades, so it’s a big investment but one that can be well worth it.

So if you’re looking to transport a lot of cargo, this is a fantastic choice.

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