Battle Academy TCG Set: Release Date, Products And Everything You Need To Know

Now that we’re in full swing with the Scarlet and Violet TCG era, new sets are popping up left, right and centre.

While we’re still getting stuck into new information about the Pokemon 151 set and the upcoming Obsidian Flames set, a new set has been trademark registered.

Recently, a trademark for a dual set called ‘Ancient Roar and Future Flash‘ was discovered and expected to release later this year.

Ancient Roar And Future Flash Dual Set Coming

Pokemon Japan has registered a new trademark. This new set appears to be called ‘Battle Academy’ (バトルアカデミー), not to be confused with the Battle Academy products, which those who play the Scarlet and Violet video games should be able to guess what this is a reference to.

Pokemon’s upcoming Scarlet and Violet DLC (The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero) references a particular academy.

In the second part of the DLC, ‘The Indigo Disk’, the Blueberry Academy is referenced – this is the sister school of Scarlet’s Naranja Academy and Violet’s Uva Academy.

It’s a new school with a curriculum that emphasizes Pokemon battling; most of the school’s building is located under the ocean.

So we’re expecting this set to be based on this new DLC, similar to the way Sword and Shield’s ‘Battle Styles’ was themed after the Isle of Armor DLC and ‘Chilling Reign’ was themed after the Crown Tundra DLC.

Release Date

Trademarks such as this usually go into effect six months before release, so we could expect this set in Japan by early 2024.

Usually, the English set launches a few months after.


This will likely be a main set, rather than a special set, so we can expect:

  • Booster Box
  • ETB
  • Booster Bundle
  • Blisters
  • Collection Boxes

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