Apex Legends Season 19 ‘Ignite’ Patch Notes: Release Date And Time, New Legend Conduit Leaks, Battle Pass, Cross Progression And Everything You Need To Know

With Season 18 coming to an end, Apex Legends Season 19 is right around the corner and we’ve got plenty of information

The new Legend Conduit will arrive in this update along with many updates to the map Stormpoint.

As we look at the Apex calendar and upcoming events for Apex Legends in 2023 we can see that this new season will be one of the best yet.

Here’s everything we know about Season 19 of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 19 Release Date And Time

The release date for Season 19 of Apex Legends is the 31st of October 2023.

The last season launched on Tuesday, August 8 at 10 am PST (1 pm EST / 6 pm GMT / 7 pm CET); we expect it to arrive at a similar time.

Update Size

The last season’s update size was roughly 12 GB.

The update tends to come out before release to allow for pre-loading to avoid long download durations so players can jump in straight away.

We expect the size of this update to be around the same size.

Patch Notes

Here’s what we’re expecting in this Season’s update:

  • New Legend
  • Legend changes
  • New Weapons
  • Weapon changes
  • Map Changes
  • New Battle Pass
  • Cross Progression
  • Bug Fixes and Quality-of-life improvements


New Legend – Conduit

While many thought Conduit would be the next Legend to arrive, Season 18 featured Revenant Reborn.

Reliable Apex Legend leaker Thordan Smash, believes that Conduit could be the new Legend for Season 19.

Conduit is rumoured to be the daughter of Lifeline and Octane and a time traveller who comes back in time.

Conduit is speculated to be ‘Big Sister’, the character who destroyed Rampart’s shop.

There’s also speculation that ‘Big Sister’ is Catalyst’s friend, Margo, as they both have a similar lightning mark below their left eye.

When Respawn was asked if Margo was ‘Big Sister’, they responded by saying “No comment.”

Conduit will serve a support-type role and has a version of Lifeline’s drone that does damage instead of healing.

Conduit’s leaked Apex Legends abilities revolve around shields – she can gain a shield herself, give allies shields and do damage to enemy shields.

Here are Conduit’s abilities:

  • Passive: Savior’s Speed
    • Gain a burst of speed when running toward a teammate out of Tactical range
  • Tactical: Radiant Transfer
    • Send a surge of energy to a teammate generating temporary shields for them and Conduit when in danger
  • Ultimate: Energy Barricade
    • Deploy an array of shield jamming devices which damage and slow enemies

Patch Notes

Legend Changes

  • Bangalore
    • The duration of the speed boost for Bangalore’s passive, Double Time, has been reduced
    • The time before the smoke from her tactical evaporates has been reduced
    • The stun duration from Bangalore’s ultimate, Rolling Thunder, has been reduced as well
  •  Catalyst
    •  Tactical will no longer block projectiles
    • The tactical count has been reduced from 3 to 2 for Catalyst, throw range has also been reduced
    • The lifetime of the Catalyst ultimate, Dark Veil, has been reduced by 5 seconds
    • The cooldown for the ultimate will now start when the wall comes up instead of when it’s being cast
  • Newcastle
    • Reducing the time to pull out your gun after placing a wall. Moreover, his leap height has also been increased in Season 19
  • Pathfinder
    • He will now be able to scan care packages even after another Skirmisher legend on your team has scanned it. So, you can still get your zip line and reduced cooldown
  • Vantage
    • [Buffed] She is getting an additional bullet in her ultimate Sniper, bringing it up from 5 to 6 bullets.
  • Wraith
    • Her tactical or ultimate hasn’t received any changes. Instead, Wraith’s passive “Voices from the Void” should generally feel more reliable. You should now hear quips actually before dying.


  • Bocek
    • Faster initial draw speed
    • Tightened Shatter Cap pattern
    • Toggle off Shatter Cap option added
  • Hemlock
    • Reducing damage per bullet from 22 to 21
  • 3030 Repeater Changes
    • Increasing hip fire spread, thus, reducing accuracy on consecutive shots
  • L-Star
    • Now floor loot
  • Wingman
    • Now in Carepackage
    • Pre-equipped with golden sniper mag (9 bullets by default)
    • Comes equipped with the Boosted Loader (take it up to 12 bullets)
    • Comes with the upgraded Skullpiercer Elite hop-up Wingman comes with 110 ammo in the care package

Apex Legends Season 19 Battle Pass

As leaked by @HYPERMYSTx, the following weapons and Legends will be getting skins in the next Battle Pass:

  • Rare
    • Havoc
    • R-301
    • CAR
    • Mirage
    • Mastiff
    • Tripletake
    • Spitfire
    • Peackeeper
  • Epic
    • Havoc
    • G-7
    • Newcastle
    • Wattson

He also emphasises that some Epic skins may not be 100% in the BP since a lot of codes are broken at the moment.

The Battle Pass is available for pre-purchase for 950 Apex Coins, but you can also purchase a Premium Battle Pass Bundle that features:

  • Rampage Legendary (likely reactive)
  • Rampart & Octane Legendary
  • 25 BP Levels
  • 50 BP Stars
  • Epic Wattson & G7 Scout
  •  Nemesis Legendary

Stormpoint Map Updates


echo hq apex legends season 19


zeus station apex legends season 19


ceto station apex legends season 19


echo hq apex legends season 19


new poi coastal camp apex legends season 19


NEW POI: DEVASTATED COAST apex legends season 19


IMC ARMORIES apex legends season 19


REWORKED AREA: FORBIDDEN ZONE apex legends season 19


REWORKED AREA: LIGHTNING ROD apex legends season 19


Promotional Trials are launching in Ignite. Prove your skill to earn your promotion up to the next Rank tier. Upon reaching the peak of a Rank Tier, one must complete a set of time limited skill challenges to earn their tier promotion. Promotional Trials ensures a minimum skill level for each Ranked tier.

Season 19 Events

According to @HYPERMYSTx, the following event codes have been added for Season 19 of Apex Legends:

  • RagA (Battlepass)
  • RagB (Event)
  • RagKnight (Event)
  • RagOnyx (Event)
  • RagArmy (Event)
  • RagOld (Event)

Event Skins

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