All 6 Wonders Of Kitakami Locations In Teal Mask (Pokemon Scarlet And Violet)

6 wonders of kitakami

The Teal Mask has launched as the first part of the Scarlet and Violet DLC ‘Hidden Treasures of Area Zero’ brings a new map and with it, 6 Wonders of Kitakami.

As you aim to fill your new Pokedex, you’ll visit various places around the Kitakami area and some are so special they are considered one of six Wonders.

With a new area, you’ll need to explore all that region has to offer.

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All 6 Wonders Of Kitakami Locations

The 6 Wonders of Kitakami are as follows:

  1. Wisteria Pond
  2. Infernal Pass
  3. The Gracious Stones
  4. The Crystal Pool
  5. The Fallen Horn
  6. Mossfell Confluence

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Wisteria Pond is located in the most southwestern part of the map.

Infernal Pass is a rocky mountain range that surrounds Oni Mountain.

The Gracious Stones are located in the northern part of the map, just west of Kitakami Wilds.

The Crystal Pool is found at the summit of Oni Mountain.

The Fallen Horn is in the middle of Fellhorn Gorge.

Mossfell Confluence can be found in the southeast area where the river branches into two.

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